Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for the revocation or invalidation of a trademark.

However, if the invalidation claim is based on an earlier right, the application may only be submitted by the owner of the earlier right. If there are several earlier rights involved, all the applicants must be owners of these rights together.

How to apply?

Apply for the revocation and invalidation of a trademark online. The online service is available in Finnish and in Swedish. Go to the service.

State your claim and the grounds for the claim in your application. In addition, you must provide your details and the details of your representative, if any, and specify which registration and which goods or services covered by the registration your application concerns.

You can apply for both revocation and invalidation in the same application, or just for one of the two.

The application can be filed either in Finnish or in Swedish.

You must pay the application fee to make your application become pending. See our price list.

When can I apply?

There are no actual time limits for submitting an application for revocation or invalidation.

A revocation or invalidation matter can become pending after the opposition period expires. If an opposition has been submitted, the matter can become pending when a decision terminating the opposition proceedings enters into force or when the opposition is withdrawn.

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Latest update 20.06.2019