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Below you will find information about how to notify our office about changes.

    Notifications to the Trade Register

    You can change your business address or other contact details online using the service in Finnish or in Swedish provided by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration at or using paper notification forms. Go to the online filing service.

    You can also file other changes using the online filing service at Please note that in some cases you must file your notification on paper. Read the instructions before submitting the notification:

    Changes to your details on the Register of Associations

    You can change the details online. Go the service. Start by identifying yourself via the service.

    Please note that a notification of changes can also be submitted on paper forms in Finnish or in Swedish. Go to the forms in Finnish or in Swedish.

    We give free advice on the application of the Finnish Associations Act and on our registration practice. Otherwise the notifications and information service products are in most cases subject to a fee. Go to the price list.

    For further details, please contact our customer service.

    Patents and utility models

    If you have filed a patent or utility model application with our office, you can submit changes to identification details, such as the agent’s or applicant’s name or address, by emailing our Registry at Where necessary, attach a copy of the document, with signatures, which the change is based on. Remember to indicate the application number when you submit the change. If you are making changes to several applications, submit the change separately for each application.

    Changes concerning granted patents or registered utility models can be submitted in the same way. Please note that in this case you have to pay a fee for the entry in the Patent Register or the Utility Model Register. Change of address is free of charge. Go to patents price list or utility models price list.

    For more information, please contact our Advisory Service.

    We start the processing of an application by ensuring that the application contains all necessary documents and that the application fee has been paid. If that is not the case, we will send you a letter, which is called an office action, and give you a deadline for your reply. Your answer must contain corrections to the deficiencies listed in the letter.

    Read more about the processing of patent applications or utility model applications at our office.

    Changes to your details on the Trademark Register

    It is important to keep your details on the register up-to-date, as we rely on the register when reminding proprietors of due mark renewals about 4–6 months before the due date. Please notify us if the proprietor's name, company form, address, or other similar details change to ensure that you receive notices from our office. Read more.

    Changes to your details on the Register of Religious communities

    Read how to submit a notification before you download the forms in Finnish or in Swedish to your computer.

    For further details, please contact our customer service.

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