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KITInet provides an easy way of finding out

  • whether a certain book or serial publication can be found in the library collection
  • what kinds of books on a certain subject there are in the library collection
  • whether the book can or has been borrowed; the due date and reservations, if any
  • what acquisitions have been made in the last four weeks

Contents of the Service

All books and serial publications of the special library have been catalogued in the collection database. The information contains the reference information on the publications, i.e. the author, title, date of publication and some index words describing the central content of the publication.

At the moment, KITInet contains some 5.000 titles. The database has been maintained since 1990.

If the publication is available on the Internet, it can be accessed directly by clicking the link.


Free of charge


The service is available round the clock.


The database is updated once each working day.

Additional Information

The exact placement of a book can be enquired at the library. If the book cannot be borrowed, it can, however, be read in the Reading Room. Also copies can be taken there.

Library, tel. +358 29 509 5868, +358 29 509 5468


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