KITInet - a book database on the Internet

KITInet collection database contains a catalogue of the Special library´s books and periodicals. The catalogue lists the reference information on each publication, i.e. its author, title, date of publication and descriptive subject words on its content. If the book or magazine can be read on the Internet, the search result provides a direct link to the electronic version.

KITInet contains at present some 5,000 titles. The database is being maintained since 1990.

How to search

All fields of the search form are eligible for searching. At least one of the following fields is obligatory:

  • freetext - searches the entry in all reference information fields
  • subject word - searches the entry in all subject word fields. A link is provided for browsing the subject words used by the library
  • author - searches the entry in the author field
  • title - searhes the entry in the title field

After the search form has been filled in, click the Search button. More detailed information on the title can be obtained by clicking the result list. If the publication has been borrowed or reserved, it is mentioned in the result list. Also the link to the electronic version, if any, is given in the result list.


  • The asterisk * is used as a truncation mark.
  • Boolean operators JA(and), TAI(or), EI (not) can be used for combining the search parameters and limiting the search.
  • Click Subject for a list of subject headings.
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Latest update 26.06.2019