The free databases of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) can be browsed from a home computer or the Library´s work stations. Our staff advise in using programs.

KITInet is the Special library´s book database that contains all books and magazines that have been purchased since 1990.

The online information service of the Finnish Register of Associations is a service that provides basic information on associations registered in Finland. The database is updated each working day.

BIS-Business Information System, is an information service that contains contact and identification information on Finnish businesses. The service is based on a Business ID, mutually recognized by the Tax Administration, the Trade Register and the Foundations Register.

DesignsNet contains basic information and pictures of domestic pending applications for a design registration, valid design registrations and designs deleted from register. The service is updated once a month.

Espacenet is a patent information network that is mutual for the European Patent Organization and its 20 member states, including Finland. The global level of the service contains 30 million patent publications from the most important industrialized countries since 1920.

FI-EP -is a register containing basic information on European patents validated in Finland since 1997. The register is updated twice a month.

HyMaNetticontains basic information on valid utility model registrations and utility models deleted from register.

Patinfo is a register containing basic information on Finnish patent applications and patents, giving their identification and status information since 1970 (since 1992 on utility models). The register is updated once a week.

Trademark Database contains basic information on pending trade mark applications and registrations that are valid in Finland.

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Latest update 18.09.2019