Reading room and library services

All patent publications in our office can be read in our reading room. Patent publications in a specific field of technology and public domestic patent applications can be pre-ordered for studying.

For those who need to find out the patent class of an invention, classification guides and index word lists are available. Also the periodicals and handbooks that are contained in the Special Library collection are available for use in the reading room.

The reading room workstations have connections to the databases maintained by our office, and an Internet search connection. In the reference library there is a computer for browsing of legal databases, our book database or different electronic publications.

Copy service

In the reading room, clients can take photocopies of publications, or order them for delivery by post, fax or email. The copies are delivered in desired format on paper or as PDF documents. The Special Library delivers copies of articles or loans books from its own collection.

Copies of patent publications and other patent documents are delivered also from collections abroad.

Delivery time

The reading room can deliver copies of publications from our own collections as normal delivery within a few days. Copies can also be sent as express delivery by fax, email or post on the same day as the order arrives.

Copy order


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Latest update 09.10.2013