Patent publications

The collection of patent publications at our office, comprising tens of millions of publications from over 40 countries is available for our clients in our reading room.

Our collection of CD-ROMs includes also databases with trade mark registrations.

Aids for studying patent literature

The data terminals in the reading room enable you to study patent databases on the Internet and to use our internal Global Index Database, which is a search and printout system for patents.

For those who need to find out the patent class of an invention, classification guides, index word lists and CD-discs are available, and our staff is ready to help in using them. You can also pre-order documents that you are interested in, such as domestic patent applications, for studying in the reading room. If necessary, our consulting engineers will help you in finding out the patent classification of a certain invention.

Loan orders:
Telephone: +358 29 509 5868, +38 29 509 5468

Latest Finnish patent applications and utility model registrations

When a Finnish patent application has become public after expiry of 18 months from its filing date, the documents including the description of the invention are available in the reading room of our library. Which patent applications and utility models have become public is recorded in Patenttilehti (the Patent Gazette), and the PatInfo register where you can find identification and handling information on patent and utility model applications.

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Latest update 03.10.2017