Finnish patents on ESPACE® CD-ROMs

Collection of Finnish patents on ESPACE® FI CD-ROMs is a EPO's MIMOSA product and fully compatible with the MIMOSA free retrieval software.

ESPACE® FI contains Finnish patents granted under both the new law ("B" documents, with a nine-month opposition period) and the old law ("C" documents, with a three-month opposition period).
Patents granted under the new law carry a publication number of 100 001 or higher, whilst those granted under the old law have a number below 99 999.

Finnish patents frontfile on ESPACE® CD-ROMs

ESPACE® FI frontfile is available as an annual subscription and it is updated on a quarterly basis.

Backlog 1976-1999 collection

ESPACE® FI backlog 1976-1999: backlog collection of 80 CD-ROMs.

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