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Rules for the use of the library

Borrowing rights

To be entitled to borrow material, give your name, date of birth, address and telephone number, and show your ID card containing your photo and personal identity code. When you are granted borrowing rights, you agree to be bound by the library rules.

Changes in personal details

You must immediately inform the library of any changes in your address, email address and name.

Borrow and return

You can borrow material from our library staff by proving your identity. The material can be borrowed for 3–28 days, depending on the material. If the book has a lot of reservations, the borrowing period will be shorter. You can see the borrowing status in our book database.

You cannot borrow magazines, newspapers, handbooks, reference books, or dictionaries.

The material must be returned or renewed by the due date. You can also return books by post.

Reserve and renew

You can ask our staff to reserve material for you to borrow. This can be done by visiting the library, by email ( or by phone on +358 29 509 5868. You can renew an item six times by phone or email. After this, you must return the item.

Ban on borrowing

If you do not return an item, you will lose your borrowing rights. You will get them back by returning the borrowed item. We can withdraw your borrowing rights if you do not follow the library rules. We can also limit the number of items to be borrowed.

Fees and collection

Customers must pay compensation for lost or damaged material, including the acquisition costs. If necessary, the payment can be collected by taking legal action. In that case, you must also pay additional collection costs. Before this, we will send you a written request to return the item.

Data protection

We record the person’s name, address, telephone number, email address and date of birth in our customer register to make sure that the customer details will not be mixed up. You have the right to know what details about you have been recorded in the register. The borrowing register is only used to monitor borrowing – personal details in the register will not be disclosed to third parties. Only the library staff have access to the customer details. Read more about how the PRH processes personal details on our data protection pages.

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