Instructions to the company name holder

The PRH asks the company name holder to submit a statement when an application for revocation has been filed and the PRH has checked the application.

If the company name holder does not sent the statement by the deadline, the PRH will revoke the company name registration, as requested in the application, unless the application is manifestly groundless.

The PRH will revoke the company name registration if the holder does not show that the name has been used for the last five years or does not give an acceptable reason for the non-use.

Please note that when the PRH processes the application for revocation, it will not take into account any use of the company name that has taken place within three months before the filing of the application, if the preparations for the use of the name have not started until after the company name holder has become aware of any revocation application or claim.

What should I do if I object to the revocation?

Send an informal statement to the PRH by the deadline given in our letter.

You can enclose informal evidence of the use of the company name, for instance how it has been used in the company’s advertisement, business documents or other similar situations.

Please note that the statement and evidence are usually public documents and will be published in the Virre Information Service.

How to send the statement to the PRH

Sign and date your statement and send it together with the evidence

  • by post to:

Legal Unit
FI-00091 PRH, Finland, or

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