Alert service

By means of the alert service, you can automatically monitor changes in the Trade Register and the Register of Foundations by selecting the companies or the foundations whose details you wish to monitor and by providing their Business IDs to the PRH. Also, select what kind of changes in the registered details you wish to monitor.

Select the changes you wish to monitor

You can monitor either changes in any register details or specify the changes you wish to monitor from the following groups:

  • financial statements filed
  • change to the financial period

It is also possible to set an alert for monitoring the selected company’s notifications taken up for processing.

In the alert service of the Register of Foundations, you can monitor changes in all register details or specify the changes to be monitored: annual report submitted, amendment of rules, matter taken up for processing. Please note that you cannot monitor changes that have taken place in the Register of Enterprise Mortgages.

Email notification about changes

When a change takes place in the company’s registered details that you are monitoring, you will be notified of the change by email. If you select to monitor all changes, you will receive a summary of all registered details. If you have specified which changes you wish to monitor, you will only be notified of the changes in the registered details that you monitor.

The alert service has a fixed basic fee and a change fee. See our price list.

Subscription to the alert service

Your subscription form may include the Business IDs of a maximum of ten companies or foundations whose register updates you wish to monitor. The monitored details must be the same for each company or foundation. For example, you may monitor the company names of ten businesses, and all changes that have taken place in ten businesses.

But if you wish to monitor all changes in an additional business, beyond ten, you must fill in a new subscription form. If you wish to monitor different (not the same) information about two companies, you must fill in two separate subscription forms.

You may make as many copies of the subscription form as you wish. In other words, one agreement may contain several subscriptions, and each subscription will be included as an annex to the agreement. Remember to sign your subscription form(s).

Your contact person may make changes to the alert service by email or mail.

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Latest update 29.12.2020