How to complete and revise financial statements filed directly with the Trade Register

You can complete and revise the financial statements you have filed with the Trade Register.

File the form for registering financial statements and all public financial statement documents with the Trade register all at once.

Please note: You must file all your financial statement documents again with the PRH – not only the parts that have been completed or revised. This is to make sure we register the financial statements correctly.

How to send the documents to the Trade Register

Send the form for registering financial statements and all the financial statement documents for registration all at once:

  • by post to: Finnish Patent and Registration Office, Financial statements, FI-00091 PRH, Finland.

How to ask for removal of financial statements from the Trade Register

You can ask the PRH to remove your registered financial statement documents if they contain false or sensitive information.

We do not remove individual documents, which means you need to send all revised financial statement documents again in their entirety to the PRH. Enclose a well-founded request signed by the Managing Director or a member of the Board of Directors. We enclose the written request with the financial statements that are published. See the mailing address above.

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Latest update 24.08.2020