Limited liability companies and co-operatives: File your financial statements by 21 December 2021 to avoid deregistration

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) will remove from the Finnish Trade Register limited liability companies and co-operatives that - despite reminder letters - have not filed their financial statements.

All limited liability companies and co-operatives must file their financial statements with the Finnish Trade Register for each financial period, even if they have interrupted or stopped their business activities.

Companies risking deregistration

Our 4th deregistration in 2021 includes 1.320 limited liability companies and co-operatives that have not submitted their financial statements to the Finnish Trade Register within one year from the end of the financial period.

The companies risking deregistration are listed on the website.

The deadline of 21 December 2021 for filing the financial statements has been entered by the PRH in the Finnish Trade Register record of the companies.

A Trade Register extract including the entry has been sent to each company’s address recorded in the Finnish Business Information System. A reminder has also been published in issue No. 70/10 September 2021 of the Official Journal.

Submit your financial statements to the PRH by 21 December 2021

If you want to keep your company in the Finnish Trade Register, submit the financial statements by the deadline. We do not extend the deadline for submitting financial statements.

Run a Financial statements search in the Virre Information Service free of charge to see which of your company’s financial statements have been recorded in the Finnish Trade Register. Go to Virre Information Service.

Submit the approved financial statements for the most recent financial period that has ended, and other missing financial statements. On the website, you will find instructions on what documents each company form must send to the PRH. Read our instructions on how to submit financial statements to the Finnish Trade Register.

Please note that the handling fee is 85 euros if you file financial statements later than within eight months from the end of the financial period. The fee applies to all the financial periods that have ended in or after 2019. Do not pay the handling fee in advance. We will send you an invoice after the financial statements have been registered.

Deregistration in January 2022

We deregister a company if they do not submit their financial statements by 21 December 2021, and there is no basis for ordering the business into liquidation. Deregistration will take place in January 2022.

The PRH's right to deregister companies that have not filed their financial statements is based in each case on either the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act (chapter 20, section 4) or the Finnish Co-operatives Act (chapter 23, section 4). Read more about deregistration on the website.

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