Error in the deregistration procedure for companies not filing their financial statements: no deregistrations will be made

The companies in whose details the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) on 10 August 2020 recorded a reminder to file financial statements will not be removed from the Finnish Trade Register or placed into liquidation.

The entry we made concerns over 4,800 limited liability companies and co-operatives. Unfortunately, the time limit mentioned in the entry was erroneous. We will not deregister the companies or place them in liquidation, even if they do not file their financial statements within the time limit.

We apologise for the error.

The entry we recorded in the Trade Register details of the companies to remind them to file their financial statements will disappear automatically in 150 days from its registration, i.e. in January 2021.

If the companies in whose Trade Register details the PRH made the entry on 10 August 2020 do not file their financial statements, they will end up in a new deregistration procedure in 2021. Read more about the phases of the deregistration procedure on the website.

For more information, please contact:

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Latest update 07.09.2020