Chilean Patent Office to collaborate with Global PPH

The Chilean Patent Office (INAPI) will join the Global PPH (GPPH) co-operation on 6 July 2020.

The INAPI acts as an International Searching Authority (ISA) and an International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) according to the PCT system.

The idea of the PPH is to fast track the processing of patent applications and to reduce overlapping examination work done by different patent offices. PPH means that an applicant who has filed a first application with a first office and has received a positive opinion that the claims are allowable may request fast-track processing when filing a corresponding application with a second office.

The Global PPH allows you to file a PPH request based on patent claims found allowable by any of the contracting offices. The system includes both national and PCT applications.

In addition to the GPPH agreements, the PRH has bilateral PPH agreements with the patent offices in China and in the Czech Republic.

Read more about our agreements and guidelines.

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Latest update 29.04.2020